I am a fan of myths and legends, fables and fairytales.

I am working on a series of magical creatures portraits that are A3 size, art print illustrations. Some of them are known characters, some are my own ideas.

The series is ongoing, so I will be updating this article with new paintings when I create them.

The first one is Milha, a water nymph. She lives in the depth of an antarctic lake, barely ever coming to the surface. She has the power to create light and warmth, that she uses to help water animals and birds to survive or to break off the ice and come to the land. Her hair is blue and green, she has the colors of the water.

Then there's Luna, a forest elf. No one ever sees her because she hides herself away from humans. She was born with the forest and her destiny is tied to that of her home. During the full moon nights she dances and her magic creates new leaves and trees and plants.

Deenah is a witch. She is still learning, but already shows signs of great powers. She sees spirits and ghosts and can talk to them through her mind. In the witches' world this is considered to be a very rare gift, but a cursed one.