"Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" has always been one of my favorite stories. I loved the cartoon when I was a kid, and although I’ve only read the book as an adult, it really is a story that has accompanied me throughout my life. Depending on the phase or age in which I've watched the movie or picked up the book, there's always something new that the characters and conversations teach me.

Nonetheless, I feel it’s such an iconic story, with incredible characters that already have been represented by extremely talented illustrators throughout the century, that I was a bit skeptical about creating my own. But ultimately I thought I could be inspired by the original designs and iconography instead of feeling "threatened" by them.


I decided to go for a cartoon-y style, bringing out characteristics that make them recognizable while giving them my own spin. Quirky colors, strange shapes and sometimes unsettling traits were the points I kept in mind while imagining the characters.

The setting is a bit abstract and sometimes strange, to represent the difference between Wonderland and the real world. Sometimes Wonderland is just colorful fragments that tie the characters and the vignettes together.

PROJECT: Personal, dummy book

MEDIA: Digital