I've been a creative and a dreamer as long as I can remember.

I studied fine arts in high school and the fact that humans have been using art to communicate since the beginning of time is incredibly fascinating to me.

Music has always been my first expressive channel, I graduated in vocal performance and songwriting in Los Angeles, California, but in 2019 i decided to get back into art again, thanks to a friend who asked me to illustrate her first children's book, "Fiabe Alimentari per Bambini Inappetenti".

I love to use the skills and knowledge I acquired in school (traditional media, proportions, perspective and composition) and mix them with digital media and tools, to achieve a more whimsical, illustrative style in my work.

I also work as social media manager and digital marketing specialist, with a knowledge of SEO and a passion for content creation, content strategy and copywriting.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

I am happy to be ambassador for One Tree Planted.

Helping the environment is foundamental, please consider donating 1$ for 1 tree or message me for more information!