"Fiabe Alimentari per Bambini Inappetenti" is a book written by Graziella Filomena Gallo.

It contains 12 short stories about various foods that kids usually don't like, and the goal is to entertain both parents and children and maybe teach something about why vegetables are so important in the diet.

Graziella is a primary school teacher.

I approached this project with the idea of making whimsical illustrations (it was one per story) using traditional media.

I used ink line work, watercolor and coloured pencils. I went for a style that was consistent throughout the book, keeping it easy and readable for the children: the book can be read by 8-12 year olds by themselves but it's also appropriate for younger children to read with a parent, so I imagined when, as a child, I had my mom and dad reading books to me and then me tracing or copying the illustrations.

I made big, colorful and funny characters out of the veggies so that it would be easy for a kid to use them as reference or tracing them in their own artwork.The book was published by Albatros.